What is the hitfile.net?

hitfile.net is a free net space where you may upload your files, store them, share your files with your friends by providing them links to your files, and download your friend\'s files using their links.

How long does the hitfile.net server keep the files?
  • For registered users, storage time will be automatically added - up to 30 days starting from the moment of last file download.
  • Up to 60 days for premium users time from the moment of last file download.

All files will be kept only if they comply with our rules and do not violate the laws of your country.

The above implies that as soon as any file containing data violating copyright or other law in any way is detected, it will be immediately removed from the service.

What file size may be uploaded?
  • For registered users, the maximum file size is 100 Gb. (from browser only up to 4Gb).
  • Maximum uploading file size for Premium users is 100 Gb. (from browser only up to 4Gb).
What does Premium access mean?

This is advanced servises of our file sharing service, such as increased download speed, an upload resume after re-connection, direct link download, extended storage time, and other advantages.

What download speed do I have becoming a Premium user?

Download speed for Premium users is about 1GB per second, in case your connection allows it.

How can I purchase Premium access?

To purchase Premium access, please follow the link: http://hitfile.net/premium

I get paid for my Premium. What next?

Now you can use your account at hitfile.net or your Premium code for rapid downloads. If you are buying Premium using your hitfile.net registered account, you automatically authorizing your hitfile.net account with Premium with period of activity equal to period of bought Premium code. Every next purchase of Premium using such hitfile.net account will prolong that period of Premium with new period of bought Premium access code. Every followed link to file that direct you to hitfile.net should start downloading with rapid downloading speed. If you are buying Premium without your hitfile.net registered account, you also can use it for rapid downloads. Follow link for downloading file, then click Gold downloading and enter your Premium code in suitable field (Enter received code here) and press Login. You will be granted with premium download link to download with rapid speed. In case you have Premium code and you would like to use your account with Premium rights, just enter your Premium code while you are authorized at hitfile.net at and downloading any file at this site.

I have became a Premium user, but your service does not recognize me as one. What is wrong?

Please make sure that your browser allows cookies. Make sure also that the software you are using does not block cookies (some Firewalls do).

What do I do if I receive no SMS or email message with my password?

Just do not panic! We will of course resend you your password — or give you your money back.
Please give our support team informationas as detailed as you can:

  • your mobile phone number or e-money account you used to make the payment
  • time mark when you sent the message
  • short number where you sent the message
  • your mobile phone provider
  • text of message has been sent and other information you think will be valuable.
Why is my download/upload speed low?

A low download or upload speed may be due to your provider’s settings. You can find out your settings by following this link.
If the file you are downloading is being downloaded by several users simultaneously, this may also result in a low download speed because our servers will distribute the load equally between users. To avoid this and gain download priority, you may either become a Premium user or try downloading at a different time of the day.

I followed the link for file download and received a «FILE NOT FOUND» message. Why is this?

A «FILE NOT FOUND» message means that the file you are addressing was removed from our server.
There may be several reasons for this:

  • the file has been deleted by the user who had uploaded it
  • a copyright violation
  • storage time expiration
How much may I download from hitfile.net?

The total size of downloads is restricted by your provider’s settings and your user status on hitfile.net. If you are a free user, you may download about 5 GB a day if downloading continually, but note that free account speed is limited.

All users who have Premium access may enjoy the maximum download speed possible and download up to 40 GB a day.

I receive a message «Your IP reached connection limit, please try again in 500 (300, 200 etc.) seconds». What do I do to download the file?

hitfile.net aims at providing quality service to all users from all regions worldwide independent of the file size, of download time, or of the user’s browser or other settings.

We use Dynamic Download Splitting system which helps us provide an equal download opportunity to all free users notwithstanding the file size. Premium users have the priority for download speed; other users are placed in a queue if they have same IP; first come first served.

The time you have to wait in line (the time specified in the message you receive from the service, e. g. try again in 300 seconds) depends on several different things such as popularity of the file, the load of the server in you net zone, the time of the day etc, but the main factor is the file size.

As bigger the file size you downloaded the last time (before you requested the latest file from the same IP), as longer you will have to wait. To reduce your waiting time, we recommend downloading small files first.

You may also change your IP and try downloading the file again, since it is your particular IP that reaches the connection limit.

I receive a message from your service stating that I am downloading a file at the moment or that I have reached download limit while I have not been downloading anything! What may be the reason for that?

Our service is checking your IP to keep download records. If you receive such a message while in fact you have not been downloading anything, it means that you are using a proxy employed by a lot of users simultaneously. You may not be using a proxy for your computer, but your provider may be employing a client’s transparent proxy.

You may check your IP by following this link.

How to solve this problem? If you have access to your network settings, quit your proxy. If you cannot do that, the only way out is to buy a Premium account. Premium users are recognized by their cookies, not by their IPs. Unfortunately, we cannot cancel all IP checks; otherwise we would to shut down the service because of uncontrolled downloads. We hope for your understanding.

I can not download a single file, what do I do?

If you’re not a Premium user, try quitting all your download utilities (software that boosting download speed).
If the problem atill exists, probably your browser does not allow cookies. You need them if you are using a proxy.

I upload files through FTP and do not see them in my Personal Office — why is this? What are the restrictions on FTP upload?

The FTP server is synchronized with your Files every 10 minutes. After successful FTP upload, files will appear in your Files in about 10 minutes.

Due to the synchronization process, there is another restriction — you cannot upload more than 100 GB in total in 10 minutes to the FTP server.

Automatic transfer — files are transferred automatically to your account every 10 minutes
Manual transfer — clicking «transfer files» starts the file transfer immediately when they are finished uploading.

Can I search for particular files on Hitfile?

No. We care about our users’ privacy and confidentiality of information. Only those who upload files on hitfile.net receive the download link, and it is up to them to decide who will receive access to this file. So, you have access to the file only if you have the complete link.

What download software may I use for downloads?

You may use any popular program, such as Speedget, Download Accelerator Plus, GetRight, FlashGet and GoZilla, as well as Google File Download Manager and other download managers.

What do I do if I cannot upload files?

Submit the following details to our Support Team, in full:

  • your username (if you are a registered user)
  • time mark when you tried to upload the file
  • names of the files
  • mode of upload (using your browser, through FTP, from another site, several files)
  • if you used FTP, specify the number of the upload server (submit the log of the program you used for upload)
  • if you uploaded the file from another site, specify the links to the uploaded files
  • if you used a browser, specify version of the browser
  • a description of all errors appearing when you tried to upload the file

As much information you will provide, as faster your query will be processed and the more quickly answer will be received!

Why have my files been deleted before their storage time expired? What does «Some of your files have been removed for infringement of rules» mean?

If your file has been deleted with the abuse label, this means that we are received a complaint from the copyright holder or the content of file violates the rules of our service.

If your file has been deleted with the blacklist label, this means that your file is in the list of forbidden (blacklisted).

On demand of right holders we must delete all copies of files and write it MD5-hash to blacklist. In order to further prevent the re-upload the file and delete all existing of the copies on site.

MD5-hash (checksum) — a unique identifier for the file. If two files have the same checksum, it means that the files are identical in content, even if for some reason have different names.

What does the error "Too much attempts for this access code"?

Premium access code you can enter on the site up to 40 times in 24 hours, after successfully entering the code, the site remembers you and is not re-request access code to download the following files. This limit need to prevent the illegal distribution of access codes.

How does monthly subscription works?

When you subscribe to a Hitfile plan, your payment method will automatically be set up for recurring billing the time specified of your membership type for your convenience - without having to always manually send money.

Your account will remains as Premium access and you don\'t need to worry about account expiration.

How do I cancel my hitfile.net subscription?

You can easily cancel your Hitfile subscription at any time. To cancel your subscription use the instructions in emails from Plimus.com. When you cancel, your account will continue to be Turbo access until the end of the term that you have already paid for.

Why I’ve got message about reached limits for purchases at site/phone?

For security purposes you have two purchases limit in 24 hours for same payment information. We advise you to purchase one Premium access, but with long period, for 6 month or 1 year. Price is cheaper for day usage for those access.